Heart Collector: You are the Heart Collector

Bad Hearts are falling over the Universe and wanna Destroy all Living Hearts.

While you came in Contact with a Bad Heart, You'r own Heart got Broken.

On your Adventure to Restore your Heart you are blinded and you need to identify  Bad Hearts and Destroy them and Collect the Good ones.


Move with WASD

Look Around with Mouse

Shoot with Mouse Buttons

Game Goal:

You need to Collect good Hearts (White Pulsating Hearts) and you need to Destroy Bad Hearts (Yellow Pulsating Hearts)

With Stage you will come Closer to restore your Heart.


  1. Added some Pictures to the Itch.Io Site
  2. Added a WebGL Build
  3. Revise the Information

Other Information:

This Game is made for Brackeys Game Jam #2. Because lack of time and a 2 Day late start i wasnt able to refine Details. It is full playable!

Maybe in the future i will take some small Changes. Like Shooting Enemies and a End Scene when you Loose or Win the Game.

Install instructions

WebGL Version:

Just Start

Windows Desktop Version:

  1.   Download the Zip File.
  2.  Extract the Zip File
  3.  Start Heart Collector.exe


HeartCollector.zip 22 MB

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